Auctions - Closed, Open, Reverse, Forward

Providing various types of Auctions where one can opt for any as per his own need.

E-Mandi - Support Network including transparent broker

2-way Market Place for farmers & Traders for all commodities.

Direct access from farm to consumer

Unique Feature for Consumers to purchase directly from farmers.


What sets Agriztrade Auctions Apart?

We are committed to provide a better auction platform for trading in the agriculture sector. Hence, we have provided 4 different auction

platforms for our users where someone can easily participate as per his own need with our quick and simple registration process.

Features Also Knows As Type Of Inventry Price Publisher- advertiser direct relationship Ad Server Priority Participants
Open Auction Real-time bidding (RTB) • Open exchange • Open marketplace Unreserved Auction No Lowest priority All eligible buyers
Closed Auction Private marketplace (PMP) • Invitation-Only Auction • Closed auction • Private access Unreserved Auction Often yes, but not necessary Lowest priority Only invited buyers

We have come up with an online market place E-Mandi for farmers as well as traders where farmers can buy inputs required for farming and can sell their produce directly to traders and retailers on the same platform. Our E-Mandi is a two way market place which provides a better integration in all aspects of Agri based trading. Here, one can play buyer and seller both.

Direct access from farm to consumer

Agriztrade goes beyond the concept of market place and auction platform. It provides consumers an option to buy directly from farmers. Our consumer app allows farmers or FPOs to list their items and deliver them to the doorstep of consumers. We provide supply chain services to farmers till door step delivery. Now you can order apple directly from Kinnaur or Kashmir which can be delivered to you in 24 hrs.