Optimum Utilisation of farm resources through technology

  •    Sharing of Farm Equipments within Farmers Group.
  •    Land on Lease for Farming
  •    Contract Farming

Integration of various stakeholders with one single network

   Integrated farmers, FPOs, PSUs, Input Suppliers, Food Processors, Wholesalers, Retailers, Exporters, traders and Consumers under one roof.

Onboarding of Research Facilities and Agri Universities

  •    To provide latest research on pre and post Harvest Techniques
  •    For application of new methods in farming to increase the yield in field
  •    Special Trials for export oriented production

In traditional agricultural supply chain, there was a huge gap between the supply being produced in the fields and supply being reached in the market and due to complexity of our old agri value chain system there was no way to keep a trace of it.
In, order to provide a better synchronisation between the market and the field yards we have simplified the complexity of our old agri value chain system and came up with a simple network which ties all ends of agri value supply chain with a single node. With the help of our software, farmers who are growing crops in the field areas can easily surpass the middlemen and can supply directly to the Mandis or desired players who are willing to purchase their goods at a very reasonable rate.